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What an incredible site ! I thought it was harder than that....In the end I like Binary Options. I don't have so much time so I traded 2 days ago but listen... It paid a restaurant with my wife so I think next month I’ll try again. By the way, I traded on the Apple action because of the breaking news, but still there's a lot of Assets. I'll let you discover it!


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Read it you will laugh... I talked to my friend about this site and this method because I just wanted to bother her I know she's so selfish with money... I was sure she will never try it in her life, too scary to lose money but I can swear that she visited this website at night and in the morning we met at work... I can even remember her words: “I won honey, I won $500!!” Could you believe it for her first time...


I started to trade binary options 3 months ago... I was usually win 2 trades out of 5 but a month ago I began to use this method and it changed my life: Now I win every month 4 trades out of 5 ! Just as an example, I bet $200 downward on the EUR/USD and I made $160 of profits meaning I got a return of $360 ! Go and Trade you won't be disappointed !

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Here the 3 steps' method:

- Step 1: Subscribe on a trading online platform

Subscribe on the trading platform There are many others but this one is my favorite, the support is in french and they are the only one to pay gains in 48h without asking a lot of documents.
OptionSmarter Min. deposit : 200€
Up to 100% Bonus
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You can also open an account on if you want to test others. It's a real good platform but they ask an identity validation before trading.
StartOptions Min. deposit : 200€
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- Step 2: Understand and apply trends methods

The method involves to trade binary options. Trading on binary options is really simple to understand. We only ask you one thing, make a choice between: Bet a stock upward or downward in a period of time between 10 and 30 minutes.
You will win between 171 and 185% of your investment for each winning trade !

The trading method that I applied is really simple... We need to follow trends.
This strategy is used by experts traders and is recognized for its efficiency. The method's basis is to analyze the market fluctuations and to find the market trends.

For this, we are going to use graphics, available on each binary options platform, which give us, in live time, the stock markets trends. As more a market is unstable, as more the graphic chart will be in a zigzag, so in this case there's no trend and it's better not to take any risk to bet on this asset.

Merely, as more a market is stable and as more the graphic chart will be straight and linear. So in this last case, we ca talk about a trend ! This trend may be or downward if the graphic chart shows down or upward if the graphic chart shows up. If in the last 30 minutes we recognize an upward or a downward trend, the probability that this trend continues is greater than the probability that this trend turns back, because it depends of all financial markets buyers, like investments funds, banks, etc... You only need to place a trade on the trend's continuity (upward or downward) to win most of your trades.

To resume: If I see a downward trend, I bet downward and if I see an upward trend, I bet upward.

Here are the different possible trends

Upward trend
Downward trend
No trend

- Step 3: Invest the best amounts

Of course, it's impossible to win all your trades, and this, even if you'll follow the method. Nobody could pretends to generate profits on each trades. But my strategy will give you the possibility to generate much more winning trades than losing trades, which will finally help you to finish as a winner.

And so it means it will be possible having a bad day where you will know terrible trades serials, thus, this is the reason why it's an obligation to respect an important rule on your investments by trade: Each bet should not be more than 10% of your capital investment.

Example: If you respect all these steps then you won't have any bad surprises. Good Luck to everyone.

Now it's your turn to trade....

Some proves to convince last stronger scepticals:

Here are screenshots of my last sessions on OptionSmarter and one of my Withdrawal

Profits 1 Profits 2 Profits 3 Profits 4 Withdrawal

Questions frequently asked

1. Why giving my method instead of keeping it for me ?

First of all, I don't have anything to lose by offering my method because it's only win money on stock, so we can be billions to win $3000 in a month using this method which could be a dust in the wind compared to billions of Euros exchanged everyday in stock. That's why I don't have any reason to keep it for me.

The second reason is that I learned myself this method on internet. I was a bit sceptical before trying it but the concept looked honest so I tested it and I was right because this website changed my life. I actually gain more than 3000 Euros/ months and I'm unemployed, meaning I have as much free time as I want to use my money hardly won (lol).

If websites like this did not exist, I couldn't have any chance to try and I would pass through an important thing, so I decided to create also my own website in order to give to other people like me the possibility to win money easily.

In life, we often pass through nice opportunities without seeing anything and It's a pity, so I hope this website will help a maximum of people and that these ones will also share it to others.

2. Are we sure at 100% to win money with this method?

In long term yes, this performing is recognized in the trading's world and it works well when it's followed. You must stay realistic, my method of course helps to win most of your trades but the chance still exists. It means that sometimes you will lose affiliates trades in case of unlucky days, that's why you must always be careful to not bet too much money at the same time. A maximum bet of 10% of your capital is an obligation to turn over the unlucky trend, which by the way could be for everyone.

3. How to help this method being popular to a maximum of people?

You can easily help me to get this method being popular to a lot of people by put it in your Facebook and explain to all of your friends how they could win money easily, whether by giving a gift which help you to buy publicity spaces to touch a maximum of people.
Thanks in advance.


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